SOC 367 Women and Religion

SOC 367 Women and - s High regard for virginity and celibacy especially among women s Women assume nurturing role "Total woman concept"

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St. Paul - women as listeners, not teachers s Early church leaders believed that Adam was deceived by women s Leadership, preaching and interpretation were reserved for men - female involvement only in specific religious orders s No women among Jesus' disciples (although some are listed as close friends), BUT Jesus did treat men and women evenhandedly s Within Christianity and other western traditions, women are considered behind men Women viewed as temptresses Historical Patterns Keep women in the home and silent in church s Female monastic order in Catholic Church
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Unformatted text preview: s High regard for virginity and celibacy, especially among women s Women assume nurturing role □ "Total woman concept" women are much happier if they work harder at pleasing their men □ Men make decisions and are the spiritual leader of family □ Only have status by relation to men □ Enforcement of traditional patriarchal marriage s Tradition affirming responses ○ Practices that reinforce these beliefs • Took place alongside women's suffrage ○ Reformation • Women and Religion Monday, April 14, 2008 12:41 PM Class Page 1...
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