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2007_06_20 Social Perception and Cognition 1. “The error of our eye directs our mind: What error leads must err.” - Shakespeare, Troilus and Cassidius 2. Social Perception 2.1.Constructing an understanding of the social world 2.2.Processes through which we form impressions of people (traits, dispositions, personalities) 3. Attribution 3.1.The process by which we come to understand another personalities 4. Processing information 4.1.Categorization of information (stimuli) into classes or groups 4.2.Schemas: Well-organized structures of cognitions about a social entity a) Person Schemas Cognitive receptacles that describe the personalities of other individuals
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Unformatted text preview: • Some specific and others abstract • Implicit personality theory – unstated assumptions about which personality traits are associated with each other b) Self Schemas c) Group Schemas d) Role Schemas e) Event Schemas 4.3.Schematic information a) Schematic Memory: remembering and forgetting b) Schematic Interference: filling in the gaps c) Schematic Judgment: complexity-extremity effect • Identify complexity in groups we are in • Identify extremity in groups we aren't in (example, Indian food vs. American food) 4.4....
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