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2007_06_26 Attitudes and Behavior, Becoming a Marihuana User 1. Discussion of Becoming a Marihuana User 1.1.Experience of smoking marijuana is defined partially through social interaction 1.2.No one becomes a recreational user without. .. a) 1)Learning to smoke the drug b) 2)Learning to recognize the effects and connect them with the drug use (learning, in other words, how to get high) c) 3)Learning to enjoy the sensations he/she perceives 1.3.In my personal opinion, Marihuana can be a soft addiction
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Attitudes and Behavior – orcheffect.com 2.1.Attitude – a negative, positive, or neutral evaluation of an object, person, group, or idea. 2.2.Social forces -> Attitudes -?-> Behavior 2.3.When do attitudes predict behavior? a) Minimal external social influence b) Looking at aggregate/average behavior c) Specific attitudes and specific behavoir d) Self-awareness & 'Potent' attitudes 2.4....
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