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2007_06_18 Supporting Identity 4. Definition of the situation 4.1.An ageement about who they are, proper actions, proper goals, and what behaviors or phrases mean 4.2.Active negotiation of meaning 4.3.Invoke pre-existing definitions of the specific situations 4.4.Frames: set of widely understoof rules or norms related to a common social situation 5. Identities and interaction 5.1.Agreement on the identities we grant one another, and on the roles we enact 5.2.Is this frame limitin? 6. Dramaturgy – We're all actors. .. 6.1.Dramaturgy: Analyzing social interations as a series of theatrical perfomances 6.2.Goffman(1959) argues that people in everyday life are like actors on a stage. .. 6.3.actors, roles and scripts. .. 7. Front stage and back stage 7.1.Front stage: the place where individuals maintain the appropriate appearance as they
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Unformatted text preview: interact with each other. .. 7.2.Back stage: the place where individuals can violate their impression management performance 7.3.The barrier between the two is what makes the performance possible 7.4.Props: creating an environment conducive to the performance 8. Stigma (Erving, Goffman, 1963) 8.1.The permanent spoiling of an individual's identity 8.2.A discrediting characteristic; a negative label compromising the ability, competency, and worth of an individual 8.3.The individual is viewed as inferior 8.4.Three classes of stigmas a) Defects of the body b) Defects of character c) Membership in devalued social group 8.5.Coping strategies a) Hiding the stigma b) Information control/selective disclosure c) Challenging social expectations...
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