2007_07_02 Genetic Nature, Culture and Deviance

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2007_07_02 SOC 340 Genetic Nature, culture and deviance 1. The issue of genetics and behaviors 1.1.Behavior is a result of both genes and environment 1.2.Genes are a part of the human story: no single gene leads to a specific behavior; complex relationship of genes-proteins-beh 1.3.Galton – 1907 – criminal physiology 1.4.Princeton study on intelligence 2. What is culture? 2.1.Culture consists of all the elements that form a society's way of life 2.2.It is learned, shared and transmitted from one generation to the other 2.3.It includes values, customs, material objects and symbols a) A symbol is something that stands for or represents something else and is endowed with a particular agreed-upon meaning Emotional component of symbols Components of communication Language Non-verbal communication Laughter Printed or drawn symbols 2.4.Includes common patterns of behavior and forms of appropriate interaction 2.5.Material culture a) Physical artifacts which shape and reflect the lives of the members of a particular
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