SOC 402 Critical Theory and Social Reproduction

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Stratification built in - people tend to move up, but starting position has dramatic impact a. People "start on third and think they hit a home run when they make it to home base" b. Education system contributes to this - people from higher families tend to start on higher levels, and are able to go to better schools c. "The more things change, the more they stay the same" d. Introduction - Jeremy's monologue 1. "The durably installed generative principle of regulated improvision [that] produces practices." ( ST , p.440) a. Includes all of our ingrained habits ("dispositions") of thinking, talking, behaving, and judging. These seem spontaneous and natural to us, but in reality the habitus reflects the social conditions we grew up in. b. Ways of thinking i. Ways of feeling ii. Taste (in movies, art, etc) and means of judgment (artist vs style, genre vs actor vs director) iii. Skill set iv. "What is it that makes a person tick"
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