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2007_06_25 My Cousin Vinny and Heuristics

2007_06_25 My Cousin Vinny and Heuristics - 3.4.Role...

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2007_06_25 SOC 340 Review of My Cousin Vinny 1. In/out group 1.1.towners assumed it was out-of-town visitors that committed the crime 1.2.Bill and Stan believed that they were superior to the residents of Alabama 2. Stereotypes 2.1.Regional – Stan and Bill assumed that the residents of Alabama were backwards 2.2.Gender – Court assumed that Mona Lisa Vito couldn't be a car expert 2.3.Sexual preference – Gay sex in jail, Vinny 2.4.Stigma – Stan's lawyer, eyesight 2.5.Intelligence, education – Vinny treats country people as fools 3. Role, appearance 3.1.Vinny takes a very independent, male role in his job as a lawyer 3.2.Self-presentation – Suits in court room 3.3.Image management – Playing Chess as a prop for intelligence Judge and Vinny discussing how formal the courtroom will be Vinny telling stories about cases he's won
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Unformatted text preview: 3.4.Role adaptation – Vinny didn't role change initially, caused friction with judge 3.5.Role conflict – Mona Lisa Vito is a (presumably bad) hairdresser, but really should be a car mechanic, but female role conflicts with that 4. Implicit personality theory – Vinny's a good arguer, so he must be a good lawyer Heuristics 1. Shortcut methods to categorize information and decisions 1.1.Availability – What is most accessible is the most memorable and preferable a) Car vs Airplane accidents – Airplane accidents are more memorable, so they are given more weight than car accidents, which actually cause more deaths b) Missing children and violence – covered more in news recently 1.2.Representativeness – use stereotypes to classify people and things...
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