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SOC 402 Coleman

SOC 402 Coleman - c Explains part of the characteristics of...

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Social Capital is a set of relationships that act like an asset ("credit" a. Reciprocity is an expectation that favors will be returner ("reciprocated"). b. Doing favors for others creates "credit" - Others more likely to honor this credit if they trust that you will do the same. - Trust can exist if actors expect to interact with each other in the future - "reputation" is another mechanism for disseminating who is trustworthy - Why would rational actors trust others? c. Where does Trust come from? Social Capital and Reciprocity 1. "… if A does something for B and trusts B to reciprocate in the future, this establishes an expectation in A and an obligation on the part of B to keep the trust." Coleman a. Social capital as a "Credit slip" 2. Network with closure -Internal social capital 3. B A C People interact mainly within the group a. This increases trusts and allows norms to be enforced b.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Explains part of the characteristics of mechanical solidarity d. Network without closure (External Social Capital) 4. D E B C A Most individuals interact with people outside the group a. This decreases trust internally and weakens norms b. Weak conformity can also foster innovation c. Explains part of characteristics of organic solidarity d. Enables a degree of exploitation and imbalance e. Encourages reciprocity Facilitates information sharing Lowers costs of collective action Discourages deviance Strengthens larger social structure (note: a micro -> macro link) Creates inequalites in power (differences in credit density) Summary: the effects of trust Bridging the Micro-Macro Divide - Part I: Rational Chocie Theory -James S. Coleman (1926-1995) Monday, October 15, 2007 9:36 AM Class Notes Page 1...
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