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Lecture notes March 6, 2007 HIS 015 “New Gods”: Religion and Secularism Decolonization and Independence Nationalist movement-works within African society, have some revolutionary wars Decolonization indicates some involvement Of great Zimbabwe—Shona After those empires was the Rozwi empire Then those of the shona became into Paramountcy (paramountcies) Ndebele (Zulu offshoot) Two main South African issues 1. aids has become rampant in South Africa, intensified since independence 2. Freedom charter Neo-liberal approach—towards capitalism—turning towards private enterprise Built societies around language, religion, etc
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Unformatted text preview: Labor land equation—plentiful land, scarce labor African societies for the most part welcomed new people, skills, etc “choosing the best” 1. Colonialism stressed differences 2. Used indirect rule and therefore took away chiefs indigenous form of income 3. Ended pastoral movement—deplete soil, stressed land 4. Threw Africans into new economy—taxation—led to changes in division of labor between males and females 5. imposed new legal system people had to adhere to, new political authorities 6. brought new religion: Christianity...
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