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History 015 Intro to History of Africa 02.15.07 Lecture Notes South Africa 2 crucial factors: land and labor Need for both increased with European settlers Five population groups: African Colored Indian African white: british- English speaking African speaking of dutch descent Bantu speaking migrants migrated down bantu expansion Soun and Khoikhoi agriculturalists and pastoralists In times of stress (due to drought) khoikhoi would return to hunting and gathering Some who lived along the coast left shells which indicated a wide range of inhabitation Khoikhoi with whom dutch and traders had first interactions Soun Grew millet and sorgum as primary stale crop. And made with them, beer and thick paste/porridge thing Patrilineal cattle used as bridewealth polygany Switching from one chieften to another was very difficult but those who were allowed were readily accepted. “vote with one’s feet” If chief was not performing his duties or rain did not come. Acted as political safeguard keeping chiefs from too much exploitation Young men underwent circumcision and seclusion age set (in Tsuitsui Botswana) Girls also underwent a period of instruction and seclusion Bartholomew cape of good hope Dutch Eaast India Company Needed resource center Would trade for sheep or cattle Excepted Khoikhoi and Soun to fulfill part as laborer with their Malaysian slaves Cape emerges as slaveholding society
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Employees made poor farmers so in 1657 invited first Dutch (Protestant) Burghers to the colonies initially quite small number of unattached men and so took Africans as their wives and children became colored group Settlers at the time were Calvinists who believed in predestination and abided to strict moral conduct. Burghers regarded themselves as better than all Africans because
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2.15lecnotes - History 015 Intro to History of Africa...

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