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That Noble Dream - • Bacon • A finite history • Real...

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That Noble Dream 16/01/2008 14:36:00 Von ranke is the father of objectivity History reveals god’s work Americans adopted his teachings in a seminar method Wanted to present history as is happened with no bias, so individuals have there  own reason Did not want to generalize history, no hypothesis Argues that Americans misinterpret Von Ranke He is the flashpoint of the German experience No preconceived notions Studying world powers and world cultures, the greatness of rising powers
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Unformatted text preview: • Bacon • A finite history • Real historians or ametuer historians • Professionals struggle to have their place in society with providing the true interpretation of the past American Civil War Cartoons 16/01/2008 14:36:00 • Liconln is elected and a slave is showing to his master how he is eventually going to be free • The white slave owner is very upset because he knows it is just a matter of time 16/01/2008 14:36:00 •...
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