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9 Classes Class 1 Explosive 1.1a-1.6s (inclusive) Class 2 Gases 2.1 Flammable Gases 2.2 Non-Flammable Compressed Gases 2.3 Poison Gases Class 3 Flammable/Cumbustable Liquids Segregated by Flahpoint Grade A RVP 14 psi or more CFR 49 (f/c) B RVP greater then 8-1/2 less then 14 US/DOT/NFPA = 100F C RVP 8-1/2 or less US/DOT/USCG- 80F EUROPEAN = 120F Grade D greater then 80F less then 150F US/DOT/IMO140F Cumbustable E 150F or more IMO Class I FP 100F or less Class II FP greater then 100F less then 140F
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Unformatted text preview: Class III FP greater then 140F less then 200F Class 4 Solids 4.1 Flammable Solids 4.2 Spontaneasly cumbistible 4.3 Dangerous When Wet Class 5 Oxidizers 5.1 Oxidizers 5.2 Organic Peroxide Class 6 Poisons 6.1 Poisons Liquid/Solids 6.2 Biohazard, Infectious Substance Etiological Agent Class 7 Radiactive Class I,II,II Class 8 Corrosives Class 9 Misc./Limited Quantities Marine Pallutant...
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