WS #10 SG(Arc Legth)(1) - M 132-002\/006 W\/Sheet 10 SOLUTION GUIDE due Monday Score\/64 Graded due Wed Instructions Please grade your W\/Sheet 08 assigning

WS #10 SG(Arc Legth)(1) - M 132-002/006 W/Sheet 10...

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M 132-002/006 W/Sheet 10 due Monday, Oct 19, 2015 Score_________/ 64 SOLUTION GUIDE Graded due Wed, Oct 21, 2015 Instructions: Please grade your W/Sheet 08 , assigning points for each necessary solution step as indicated for each problem. If a step/expression is missing, DO NOT award that/those point(s); but if an equivalent expression (you should know what expressions are equivalent!) is presented, then award the point(s): and if uncertain, ask the instructor. In # (1)–(4) find the arc length of the given curve over the indicated interval, integrating w.r.t x : [4*6=24 pts]