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Unformatted text preview: AFFIRMATIVE INFORMAL COMMANDS! 1. Remember! 2. Come here! 3. Think! 4. Return it to me! 5. Rest! 6. Travel! 7. Serve it to them! 8. Look for it! 10. Go! 12. Hear me! 14. Be good! 15. Drive me! 16. Play the piano! 17. Play soccer! 18. Open it! 19. Tell me it! Recuerda! Ven ac! Piensa! Devulvemelo! Descansa! Viaja! Srveselo! Bscalo! Ve! yeme! S bueno! Condceme/Manjame! Toca el piano! Juega al ftbol! brelo! Dmelo! 9. Be careful (ser/estar)! Ten cuidado! 11. Bring them to me! Tremelos! 13. Move (yourself)! Muvete! 20. Wash your hands! Lvate las manos! Try these reflexive verbs: 1. Sit down! 2. Stand up! 3. Wake up! 4. Go to bed! 5. Put it on! Sintate! Levntate! Despirtate! Acustate! Pntelo! ...
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