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Why Be Moral? First Reflection Paper Due Wednesday, June 12 Crimes and Misdemeanors considers three kinds of punishment that we usually believe or hope is delivered on immoral persons. First, other human beings, represented by the police or the judicial system, imprison wrongdoers. Second, a person’s conscience torments him or her for committing an immoral act. Third, a divine power punishes the wicked in the afterlife. In the film, Judah overcomes all three: he commits the “perfect” crime and goes undetected, he struggles with his conscience at first but gets over it, and he longer believes in a God so he doesn’t fear punishment in another life.
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Unformatted text preview: If all forms of punishment are excluded from consideration, is there any way that we can say that what Judah did was wrong? Can Judah truly be happy at the end of the film? If we had to choose, should we choose to be Judah or Clifford? Guidelines: 1. Try to work out an answer in two double-spaced, typed pages. Feel free to write more if you need to answer the questions completely. 2. Get right to the heart of the issue; don’t summarize the film. 3. Give reasons or examples for your conclusions. Try to make you case persuasively. 4. Write as clearly and correctly as possible. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors count against your grade....
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