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What is a Good Life? Second Reflection Paper Due by Wednesday, July 19 Imagine the impossible—Aristotle, transported through time, is asked to watch and evaluate the film, Groundhog Day . After expressing his amazement at the technological marvels of television, dvd, electricity, and so on, he employs his theory of teleological ethics to explain the story he’s just viewed. Write the summary of Aristotle’s interpretation and explanation of the moral transformation of Phil Conners, weatherman and egocentric cad. Explain the basic concepts of Aristotle’s theory, including telos, virtue, eudaimonia , and use these concepts to illuminate the meaning of Phil’s moral journey. Some questions you may want to consider along the way: What motivates the change? Which virtues does Phil eventually display? How is the kind of “happiness” Phil experiences at the start of the film different from the happiness he experiences at the end Are there elements of the film that
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Unformatted text preview: Aristotles theory doesnt or cant explain (other than being stuck in time)? You dont have address all these questions, but they may help to round out your response. Guidelines: 1. Try to work out an answer in roughly 3 double-spaced, typed pages. Feel free to write more if you need to answer the questions completely. 2. Get right to the heart of the issue; dont summarize the film. 3. Give reasons or examples for your conclusions. Try to make your case persuasively. 4. Write as clearly and correctly as possible. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors count against your grade. Main Characters Phil Connerssarcastic, cynical, self-centered weatherman; played by Bill Murray. Ritasweet and idealistic television producer; played by Andie MacDowell. Larrygoofy cameraman; played by Chris Elliott. Punxsutawney Philthe groundhog; played by himself; official website:
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