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Danton's Death Act 3 notes

Danton's Death Act 3 notes - Clifford Hughes Act 2 Synopsis...

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Clifford Hughes Act 2 Synopsis Third Dream - In act 2 the characters trying to escape the civil war were captured and being interrogated by the counter intelligence operatives Tikhy and Gurrin. Tikhy coerced a false statement out of both Golubkov and Serafima by threatening Golubkov with a needle and taking advantage of Serafima's sick state. At the end of this dream Charnota entered to find Serafima scared and read the false document she had written. He then pulled a gun and that ended then darkness fell upon the room. Fourth Dream – In this dream Golubkov, now a free man had ran off to try and free Serafima. It opens with Dr. Brizar and the Commander in Chief talking about Alexander of Macedon, and old king of Russia. He seems to be a touchy subject when brought up around these characters as a they hold him in high regard while others do not.After this dialogue Korzukhin enters. You find he does not much care for Serafima, at least not as much as Golubkov.They continue to discuss Alexander of Macedon; Korzukhin wrote about how the Commander in Chief looked like him in his newspaper.
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