1789paper - The humor was political in nature and often featured Louis XVI who was very recognizable • The actual revolution within the play was

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Theater in History 1789 Clifford Hughes The play was interesting in that the viewer has transcended the fourth wall. The viewer sees the actors as they prepare backstage as well as act on stage. This adds an interesting element to the live performance, not so much the film as we watch it however. The French revolution is shown in its full grandeur very clearly. The rich in their white makeup and lavish, padded clothing are heavily compared to the poor with their dark makeup creating the mood of the revolution and how the poor really felt. The poor felt cheated by the few, high up aristocracy which cheated them out of their money and you could clearly see this (even if the film had not been translated i would have known that i was watching a play about the revolution) plight. The puppets brought a humorous side to the piece in the small skits that the actors had put on.
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Unformatted text preview: The humor was political in nature and often featured Louis XVI, who was very recognizable. • The actual revolution within the play was a very exciting part. Though the play is about a very serious event in history the play maintained a humorous attitude for the duration keeping the audience well entertained. • The play was not all funny though. At key parts it would change to a dramatic tone, like at the end of the revolution where the nation its read its rights after their successes. The second half i found lost a lot of its humorous charm. (i wrote this as i was watching) • The play seemed very accurate from what i had already knew, the only thing that slowed the pace was the behind the scenes switches with makeup and costumes and such....
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