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Theatre in History research paper

Theatre in History research paper - Theatre in History...

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Theatre in History Clifford Hughes 4/11/08 “‘Flight’ by Mikhail Bulgakov in comparison to ‘Danton’s Death’ by Georg Buchner” “Every generation needs a new revolution.” -Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was proven right time and time again throughout history on this quote from the French revolution of his time to the revolutionary war, to the civil warm to the laborers strike of the red army and so on and so forth. There is always a revolution of some form or another going on it seems even today. We know of this trend because of the literary works passed down to us through generations including “The Grapes of Wrath” or “Animal Farm”; but other lesser known works that I have been introduced to recently have piqued my interest regarding this subject. These two works are “Flight” by Mikhail Bulgakov and “Danton’s Death” by Georg Buchner which are plays of the nineteenth century. Though both portray different revolutions they both seem to reverse the norm in that they depict the revolutions from the point of view from not only the losing side, but the wealthier aristocracy that writers from either era seemed to steer clear of. For instance, Buchner decided not only to write about the wealthier nobles who were all being decapitated; but he decided to do it from a sympathetic point of view, which is very gutsy on his part. The similarities in the style of these books prove their timelessness. The first and most blatant similarity is that both books depict their cultures in a time of revolution; a harrowing and emotional time for any country where nothing is
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held back. The authors both prove this in similar ways; mostly by examples of hardship. In the play “Danton’s Death” for example, The French commoners in the second act try to murder an aristocrat simply for being wealthy. They have virtually no other reason and blame him for the fact that they have no food. Correct as the
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