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HD/SOC251 March 21, 2008 Introduction to Social Gerontology Prof. E. Wethington Study Guide for Prelim 2 The prelim will cover : All lectures from Prelim 1 through March 28. Chapters 7-11 of the textbook (Chapter 12 will be part of the final exam) Three short extra readings (see list below): The test will consist of : 6 short answer questions, worth 5 points each 35 multiple-choice questions (each worth 2 points) For the lectures : study the slides carefully and your lecture notes. There will be questions based on the lectures and numerous questions that ask you to interpret the reading and the lectures together. For the textbook: study carefully the “Looking Back” and “Thinking about Aging” questions for each chapter. For the key terms, in Chapter 7, be sure you can define: Adaptation Alzheimer’s Disease (and how it is distinguished from Vascular Dementia) Clinical depression Cognitive psychology Coping (pay attention to differences between the text and the lectures) Creativity
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HD_251_Prelim_2_study_guide - HD/SOC251 Introduction to...

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