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health claim outline-ns 122

health claim outline-ns 122 - Health Claim Outline...

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Health Claim Outline: Breastfeeding and Weight Loss Thesis: A common health claim is that exclusive breastfeeding for more than six months can help mothers lose weight. However, the studies supporting this claim have not addressed certain confounding variables. Evidence for Breastfeeding and Weight Loss: Maternal weight and body fat changes observed in 56 women for six months. Included exclusive breastfeeding vs. exclusive formula feeding vs. combination. Results suggest there is a relationship (Brewer) Weight and tricep-skinfold thickness measured in postpartum women who breast- fed for more than twelve months. Concluded that lactation increased maternal weight loss (Dewey) Longitudinal study of 110 women aged 20-40 years old who breast-fed, partly breast-fed, or bottle-fed. Concluded that lactation associated with postpartum weight loss (Janney) Weaknesses of Studies: Confounding variables: dietary intake, physical activity, illness, and overlap between lactation and new pregnancy, BMR (Winkvist)
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