ns 115 analyze article four - Zemel et al., (2004)...

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Zemel et al., (2004) conducted a randomized clinical trial to determine the effects of increasing dietary calcium, through a calcium supplement or dairy calcium, on weight and fat loss in obese adults. The trial recruited forty-one otherwise healthy, obese adults with an age range of 18-60 years and a BMI between 30.0-39.9kg/m². Participants were screened during a 2- week lead in period, which included a baseline diet and physiological assessment. They had to meet certain criteria, such as low calcium intake (500-600mg/d), no recent dramatic weight or exercise change, no oral antidiabetic agents, and no pregnancy. The subjects participated in a 24-week diet plan and were randomly assigned to one of the following diets: control group (500kcal/d deficit, 0-2 dairy/d, 400-500mg calcium/d, and daily placebo supplement), calcium- supplemented diet (500kcal/d deficit, 800mg calcium carbonate supplement, total 1200-1300mg calcium/d), and high dairy diet (500kcal/d deficit, 3 dairy/d, 1200-1300mg calcium/d). The subjects were given instruction, counseling, and weekly assessments on their diets and diet
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ns 115 analyze article four - Zemel et al., (2004)...

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