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Invention Assignment I - determining what influences shape...

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English 102 Spring, 2008 Invention Assignment I Based on Dr. Lee Gerhard’s remarks and your own personal research and beliefs, where do you stand on global warming? Stake a claim that you articulate as a thesis, and discuss WHY you believe your thesis to be credible. Do you trust one particular set of experts over another, and why? What role do popular media play in the formation of your ideas? Former educational experiences and background? Friends? Parents? Teachers? Your own scientific knowledge? This list is not inclusive. Because this is not a science class, please do not stress over mastering technical/scientific principles. Instead, view this short assignment as an exercise in
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Unformatted text preview: determining what influences shape your beliefs. As citizens in an increasingly diverse, specialized and technical culture, we are going to be exposed to knowledge bases outside of our comfort zones. Yet as educated citizens, we strive to analyze information presented to us in order to validate or disprove its usefulness and credibility. So in short, don’t argue science, but explore why you believe your thesis. Length: At least two pages, no longer than three. Standard font, 12 point, one-inch margins, double-spaced. Due Date: Wednesday, February 13, hard copy in class. No e-mails please. Points: Seven out of 100 for full semester of work...
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