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12/17/07 Professor Gutschmidt Com 202 12 Angry Men Paper The book “In Mixed Company,” discuses four distinct phases of group development in chapter three. The four phases (forming, storming, norming, and performing) can be clearly seen and used in the classic movie Twelve Angry Men . The movie is about a teenage boy who is on trial for premeditated murder, which if convicted, leads to the death penalty, and the twelve jurors who have to decide the outcome of the trial. The story focuses on the jury’s time trying to decide whether the defendant is innocent. Because it was the law, all twelve men have to decide on one verdict or no decision will be made. The movie goes through all the different phases of group development and depicts how a group of people with different backgrounds and beliefs can come together to reach a final decision. The first phase in group development is forming. Forming is how the group came to be, or how it was organized. In the case of Twelve Angry Men , the group was the twelve jurors. The twelve did not choose to be with each other, nor did they all know each other. The group was randomly chosen and that was the group they had to be in. In this group were many different types of people, and if they all had their own choice, they probably would not choose to be most of the other people in the group. Sometimes people will join groups to benefit for themselves, such as feeling a need to belong, and other times people will join groups because they are interested in the groups activities or
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goals. There are many reasons or possibilities for why people join groups, but the jury in
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12 Angry Men Paper - Professor Gutschmidt Com 202 12 Angry...

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