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Academic English Octavio Soto V. #224632 George Washington: Uniting a Nation/George Washington Paul K Longmore. The Journal of American History. Bloomington: Mar 2005.  Vol. 91, Iss. 4; pg. 1433, 2 pgs Abstract (Summary) Longmore   reviews   George   Washington:   Uniting   a   Nation   by   Don  Higginbotham and George Washinton by James MacGregor Burns and Susan  Dunn.  »  Jump to indexing (document details) Full Text (955  words) Copyright Organization of American Historians Mar 2005 George   Washington:   Uniting   a   Nation.   By   Don   Higginbotham.   (Lanham:  George Washington. By James MacGregor Burns and Susan Dunn. (New  York: Times, 2004. xx, 185 pp. $20.00, ISBN 0-8050-6936-4.) These two brief books examine George Washington as promoter and icon of  American nationalism and as presidential leader, respectively. Securing independence and establishing a stable union required, explains  Don Higginbotham, addressing the diversity and fragmentation among the  colonies and successor states. Moreover, colonials, particularly the elites, saw  themselves as, not Americans, but patriotic Britons and strove to emulate the  British gentry. Not until early 1774, in response to Britain's humiliating assault  on   their   autonomy   and   aspirations,   did   many   seek   an   alternative   to  Britishness. But where could they find the building blocks of nationhood?  Washington,   says   Higginbotham,   could   serve   effectively   as   the   central  national   icon   because   he   was   thought   to   personify   the   ideal   English 
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gentleman's   refinement   and   virtue.   He   could   function   as   both   proof   of  American civilized achievement and role model for republican citizens. Aware   of   his   symbolic   importance   and   understanding   the   necessity   of 
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George washington - AcademicEnglish Octavio Soto V. #224632...

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