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Physics 115 Homework 3 1. Ptolemy claimed that Mercury and Venus were never far from the sun because the the three were all connected by an invisible force, like a string. 2. Copernicus claimed that Mercury and Venus never appear far from the sun because all the planets orbit the sun, and Mercury and Venus both have smaller orbits than the Earth, thus making them always appear closer to the sun. 3. Gallileo observed that Jupiter had satellites orbiting around it, thus proving that not
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Unformatted text preview: everything orbits around the Earth. He also observed that Venus went through all phases, while the geocentric model claimed that only new and crescent phases of Venus should be visible from Earth, because Venus would remain between the sun and the Earth at all times. Venus' full set of phases was further proof that the heliocentric model was correct. 4. P^2 = (19.2 AU)^3 =84.13 years 5. Forces, such as friction, act against the car's forward motion....
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