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physics 115 1. Deep Impact is a NASA space probe which was launched on January 12, 2005. It was designed to study the the interior makeup of the comet 9P/Tempel by colliding a part of the spacecraft into the comet. There were two main objectives for this mission: because comets are the oldest and coldest materials in the Solar System, the makeup of the comet can help astronomers determine what the Solar System was made up of in the beginning. Also, a theory exists that comets brought water and organic material to Earth that later evolved into life, so astronomers wanted to determine the nature of carbon-bearing compounds on the comet. On July 4th, the probe collided into the comet's nucleus, extracting the comet's interior composition. From this impact, it was gathered that the comet was mostly composed of dust and ice, leading astronomers to speculate that the comet may have been born in the region of the solar system currently occupied by Uranus and Neptune. Based on the comet's interior, astronomers have
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