Hebrew Bible and Suffering

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The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Suffering Here are some texts that correspond with the explanations for suffering that are proposed by the book of Job. They indicate that the explanations found in Job are not unique to that book but represent the diversity of ancient Israelite thinking about why people suffer. For the prose folktale (1:1-2:13 and 42:7-17), read : God’s command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac Gen 22:1-19 (esp. v 1) Israel’s testing in the wilderness Exod 15:25b-26; 16:4; 20:18-21 Moses’ speech to the Israelites on the eve of entering the Promised Land Deut 8:1-20 (esp. vv 2, 16) False prophets and diviners Deut 13:1-3 Israel’s pattern of unfaithfulness Judg 2:11-23 (esp. v 22) Righteous individual’s prayer for God’s judgment Psalm 26 (esp. v 2) For the first cycle of the friends’ speeches (4-14), read : Adam and Eve’s punishments in the Garden Gen 3:1-19 Yahweh’s speech to Joshua before the conquest Josh 1:1-9 Israel’s pattern of unfaithfulness Judg 2:11-23
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