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The Documentary Hypothesis and the Elohist Name of source : the Elohist source (or document); the author is called “the Elohist;” the designation “E” may be used for either the source or the author. Date of composition : in written form in the 9th century BCE, during the beginning years of the Divided Monarchy. After the fall of the North to the Assyrians in 722 BCE, the Elohist’s epic is brought to the South where it is combined with the Yahwist’s epic by a southern editor (or redactor) who favored the southern epic. The combined epics are called “the Old Epic” and the designation “JE” is used for this Old Epic. (It was the Old Epic that the Priestly writer used as the base for his work). Divine Name : “God” (Heb. ʾ Elōhîm ), until the revelation of the name “the L ORD ” (Heb. יהוה YHWH ) to Moses at the burning bush in Exodus 3. Form/Genre : it is assumed that the Elohist source was once an epic narrative (like J); in its present form in Gen-Num, E exists only in fragments. Structure
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