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Kelly Vollman Exodus 1-13 These opening chapters of Exodus provide the background for the Exodus event. Here the oppression of the Hebrews in Egypt is described, and the man who will lead the Hebrews out of Egypt is introduced and given his mission. Yahweh reveals his personal name to Moses. Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh without success; this results in the sending of ten plagues on Egypt. The Israelites depart on the night of the last plague. Be able to identify these people : Joseph Moses Reuel/Jethro the Pharaoh/the King of Egypt Moses’ sister Aaron the daughter of Pharaoh Be able to identify these places on a map (Use the map on p.103) : Pithom the Nile/the river the mountain of God (not on map) Rameses Midian Horeb (= traditional Mt. Sinai) 1:1-22 The Hebrews in Egypt : 1. To which source would you assign verses 1-7 and why? P source – it is a genealogy. 2. Who is Joseph? (His story is told in Genesis 37-50. It is through Joseph that the family of Jacob comes down to Egypt to live. The family settles in Goshen located in the northeastern area of the Nile delta [see map, p. 103]). Joseph is an Israelite. Moses is a descendent of his. 3. Who is the “new king” according to Greenstein’s comment? The king is anonymous but many identify him with Rameses II. 4. How does the new king bring about a change in the Hebrews’ lifestyle? He oppresses the Hebrews with forced labor. 5. What directive does the Pharaoh give with regard to the birth of Hebrew children? Why? If it is a boy he should be killed. Girls can live. He did this because the Hebrews were so prolific. 2:1-25 Moses’ Birth and Flight From Egypt : 1. What connection does Moses have to the ancestor Jacob? He is a levite. 2. Note the role of Moses’ sister (who, in this text, is unnamed). She will figure in later chapters of this book, and again in the book of Numbers. What is her name? The sister watches to see where Moses will end up. She also plays the role of offering Moses’ mother to be the nurse for him to the pharaoh’s daughter. 3.
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exodus hw - Kelly Vollman Exodus 1-13 These opening...

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