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Feb 25 - February 25: Culture & Persuasion What is...

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What is Culture Monday, February 25, 2008 1:39 PM Culture is an important framework for thinking about persuasion Persuaders need to understand culture in order to figure out how to relate to their audiences. They also have an interest in shaping or transforming culture. Those who can shape culture possess a lot of power, they can use that power to direct them to certain beliefs or assumptions. o The French guy in the Persuaders movie, talked about Americans beliefs about cheese compared to French beliefs about cheese. o He also talks about Hummers, in the US it is not surprising that Hummers are popular because our cultural belief is "bigger is better." Persuaders often USE culture. They use words/images as a part of their message, these words and images are significant types of culture. They are cultural decisions about what will be meaningful to a certain society. Some persuaders actually create culture. Nike culture, Apple culture. o In the persuaders video, Spade was trying to create a culture around the airline Song. High Culture? The word culture is often use to describe aesthetics, music, art, theatre etc. this is high culture. Pop Culture? A kind of culture that is not just limited to the elite of society, it is for the masses. Driven with a commercial purpose. o
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Feb 25 - February 25: Culture & Persuasion What is...

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