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BIOL 2024 Exam #4: Respiratory System Study Guide Be familiar with the anatomy of the respiratory system, the difference between the conducting zone and respiratory zone, and the components of each zone. 831, 840-1 Know the four types of respiration. Know how dirt is kept out of the lungs 840-1, 839, 833 Know the different types of cells found in alveoli and the function of each 842 Know the affect of surfactant on alveoli and that Type II alveolar cells secrete the surfactant 842, 850 Know how carbon dioxide and oxygen are transported in blood (hemoglobin of RBC’s and in the plasma) and how oxygen/carbon dioxide gas exchange occurs in the lungs and tissues. 855-863, fig. 22.22, fig. 22.17 Know what is meant by the Haldane effect (863) and the Bohr effect 860 Understand Dalton’s law of partial pressures and how the partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide affect gas exchange 854 Know the differences between inspiration and expiration in terms of the muscles involved in
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