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SOC 1004 Exam 1 Spring 2000 Introductory Sociology Correct answers are in BOLD. First Exam -- Spring 2000 Professor Michael Hughes Mark the BEST answer on the opscan sheet. An answer is correct because of something in the readings or something in the lectures . 1. According to the text, _________ functions are those consequences that are neither intended nor recognized by the participants in the system. 1. manifest 2. latent 3. conflicting 4. constructed 2. TRUE or FALSE: According to the lecture, folkways are norms that govern everyday life (i.e., how to walk, talk, dress, etc.). 1. TRUE 2. FALSE 3. According to the text, "if people define situations as real, they are real in their consequences," is a statement of the: 1. Looking-Glass Self 2. Iron Law of Oligarchy 3. Egocentric bias 4. Thomas Theorem 4. According to the lecture on Goffman, ___________ and ____________ are parts of the "personal front." 1. appearance / manner 2. expressions / expressions given-off 3. instrumental behavior / expressive behavior 4. individual behavior / expressive behavior 5. According to the text, a ____________ is a sub-culture at odds with the larger society. 1. relativistic culture 2. ethnocentric culture 3. counterculture 4. symbolic culture 6. According to definitions in the text, a(n) __________ is a group that we do not belong to and do not identify with. A(n) _________ is a social unit that we use for appraising and shaping our attitudes, feelings, and actions. 1. out-group / subjective group 2. in-group / out-group 3. out-group / reference group 4. dyad / triad
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SOC 1004 Exam 1 Spring 2000 7. TRUE or FALSE: According to the lecture, NATURAL sciences are more objective, but the SOCIAL sciences can construct more accurate mathematical models. 1. TRUE 2. FALSE 8. A ________ group entails two or more people who enjoy a direct, intimate, cohesive relationship. ________ ties predominate in this type of group. 1. primary / Instrumental 2. secondary / Instrumental 3. secondary / Expressive 4. primary / Expressive 9. TRUE or FALSE: Since Bureaucracy is an "Ideal Type," we can assume that most bureaucracies fit the "ideal." 1. TRUE 2. FALSE 10. In Presentation of Self , (in "Readings in Sociology"), Goffman argues that people intentionally convey misinformation by means of: 1. impressions given off 2. both impressions and impressions given off 3. expressions given off 4. both expressions and expressions given off 11. TRUE or FALSE: According to the lecture and a reading in "Readings in Sociology," Randall Collins and Michael Makowsky argue that the social world as we know is mostly illusion. 1. TRUE
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Spring_2000_Exam_1_KEY - SOC 1004 Exam 1 Spring 2000...

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