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SOC 1004 Exam 2 Spring 2000 Introductory Sociology Second Exam -- Spring 2000 Professor Michael Hughes Mark the BEST answer on the opscan sheet. An answer is correct because of something in the readings or something in the lectures . 1. TRUE OR FALSE: According to differential association theory (which is an example of the cultural transmission perspective) deviant behavior is learned primarily through media such as television. 1. TRUE 2. FALSE 2. According to the lecture and text, __________, and ________ are two types of social control that operate in social life. 1. internalization of norms / alienation 2. the structure of social experience / positive and negative sanctions 3. differential association / internalization of norms 4. positive and negative sanctions / structural strain 3. ____ theory argues that the probability of deviance increases when people do not have access to the institutionalized means for attaining culturally approved goals. 1. Labelling 2. Cultural transmission 3. Conflict 4. Structural strain 4. According to the labeling perspective, ____ deviance is deviant behavior that individuals engage in as a response to the reactions of others. 1. secondary 2. responsive 3. reactive 4. primary 5. According to the lecture and text, one version of the control theory of deviance argues that people have a bond to society that has four parts, (a) attachment, (b) involvement, (c) ____, and (d) belief. 1. mutual respect 2. commitment 3. conformity 4. interdependency
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Exam 2 Spring 2000 6. According to the text, the ______ perspective on deviance argues that the U.S. legal system reflects the interests and ideologies of the ruling capitalist class. 1. control 2. structural strain 3. conflict 4. cultural transmission 7. A class system is relatively ___ compared to other systems of stratification discussed in the lecture. 1. closed 2. unfair 3. open 4. ascriptive 8. Two of the mechanisms by which institutional discrimination can and does occur were discussed in the text. These are: 1. legitimation and alienation 2. prejudice and symbolic racism 3. environmental racism and gatekeeping 4. assimilation and pluralism 9. According to the text and lecture, prejudice is a(n): 1. specific behavior of an individual or a group 2. pattern of behavior of individuals and groups 3. attitude 4. system of discrimination built into organizations within society 10. According to the lecture, _______ is a social research method that asks people where other people are socially located, and works best in small communities. 1. the objective method 2. the subjective method 3. the reputational method 4. the relativistic method 11. TRUE OR FALSE: According to the lecture, a major variable in Max Weber's "status group" classification system is "way of life." 1. TRUE 2. FALSE 12. According to the article titled "The Saints and the Roughnecks," in Readings in Sociology, the community responded to the Roughnecks as __________ and the boys ________ with that perception. 1. "boys in trouble" / disagreed
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Spring_2000_Exam_2 - SOC 1004 Exam 2 Spring 2000...

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