HIS 4a Lecture 7 The Franks

HIS 4a Lecture 7 The Franks - peasants screwed chaos, no...

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10-17 The Franks • Franks formed significant political base • believe they were the descendants of a warrior hero • 2 Ruling families of the Franks • Merovingians (mid 5th c. - mid 8th c.) • Kings were more kings of people rather than kings of land • the Do-Nothing Kings • inheritance was equally divided among the sons • result was lots of kings in one place • unstable • tremendous violence • heirs fought against family for as much territory as possible
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Unformatted text preview: peasants screwed chaos, no rule of law split in to provinces Mayors of the palace (major domus) fight it out amongst themselves Carolingians (mid 8th c. - 10th c.) the 1st Carolingians Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer) became the most powerful of the governors his son, Pippin how to justifiably get rid of the other fake kings his grandson Charles figures out a way to get the ball rolling...
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