HIS 4a Lecture 24 Babylon Captivity- The Papacy Enters Exile in Avignon

HIS 4a Lecture 24 Babylon Captivity- The Papacy Enters Exile in Avignon

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Unformatted text preview: 12-3 Babylon Captivity: The Papacy Enters Exile in Avignon Pope Boniface VIII issued a Papal bull, "Unam Sanctam" a letter written by a Pope has the force of formal Church law every human creature is subject to the Pope French King sends delegation to Boniface's summer home in Anagni something happened where the french delegation walked up to the Pope and slapped Pope Clement french not allowed in Rome set up house in Avignon need new ways to raise money indulgences replaced income from Papal States increase in Church administration Cardinals sought to impose restrictions on power of Pope 2 Popes Pope Gregory XI returns to Rome 1378 didn't work and he had to return to Avignon The Great Schism 1378-1417 3 Popes at one time concilar movement tried to end the Avignon papacy a faction w/in the leadership in the church who believed the authority should be placed in councils, with Pope's presiding helped bring an end to the great schism Pope Martin V stamps out the concilar movement him around a little bit to put him back in his place The Outrage at Anagni ...
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