HIS 4a Lecture 22 The Carolingians 8th - 10th c.

HIS 4a Lecture 22 The Carolingians 8th - 10th c. - •...

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10-15 The Carolingians 8th - 10th c. • collective identity was Christian • English look back to Carolingians for Christian identity • Charlemagne • saw to divine power • Pippin • assume power of king • donation of Constantine (justified Pope’s claim of land)
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Unformatted text preview: • Charlemagne acquired land and makes people pay tribute • desposes Lombard king and declares himself king of Lombard • also king of the Franks • Empress Irene • rules a land, Regent (Byzantine) • had her son, Constantine, blinded • ruled for 8 years in Byzantine emperor...
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