HIS 121c Lecture 2 A Rough Guide to the Readings

HIS 121c Lecture 2 A Rough Guide to the Readings - 1-17...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-17 Rough Guide to the Readings Jordan in Europe, every locality was trying to figure out how to impose order and inject stability much of the culture/economics is an expression of people trying to find security focus on the fact that all these stories are people in search of meaning in order whether its kings trying to contain their nobility, nobility securing their own territory, control church too how people try to find and impose order are cultural manifestations take some extreme forms crusades by tues read up to chapter 10 (page 143) the desire to reform the church is related to changes in learning and cognition and changes in architecture Decameron fairytales/ stories weird & strange what is it about it that is medieval opposed to ageless and fairytale like Questions look critically at what Baccaccio seems to be saying about it what parts of the stories can be used as a barometers of what was going on and what was fiction wrote is in 1848 right after when plague comes back to Florence "decameron" means ten days ten stories a day for ten days what did people do in the evenings? no noise, no light (majority of people couldn't afford the tallow for candles) how did they understand/ feel the world? going into a large cathedral? a fort? political implications normal peeps trying to find meaning in their own life b/c they have to little what did they expect out of they rulers? what could their rules exploit? try and figure out, is it weird or is it medieval humor what made people in the medieval ages laugh? physical comedy stories were meant to be as interesting as they were made to impress Joan of Arc terrified she knows what's waiting for her (being burnt at the stake) ...
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HIS 121c Lecture 2 A Rough Guide to the Readings - 1-17...

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