HIS 4a Lecture 23 Medieval Sexuality- A How-to-Guide

HIS 4a Lecture 23 Medieval Sexuality- A How-to-Guide -...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-30 Medieval Sexuality: A How-to-Guide the choice celibacy the ideal marriage if you can't be celibate, marry double standards many opinions about sex among theologians, but one standard of behavior for the laity what was tolerated behavior in men was not tolerated in women purpose of sex: procreation sexual positions and acts that do not permit reproduction are illicit Rankings of Sexual Positions (according to theologian Albert Magnus) "missionary" - most natural side-by-side - not so natural seated - not natural standing - definitely not natural a tergo (from the back) - unnatural oral and/or sex - forget about it sexual desire generally believed women desired sex more than men but general belief that men will seek sexual satisfaction no matter what Church law prohibits Prostitution municipally regulated Dijon - a case study in Dijon between 1436-1486, 125 rape cases probably 1/5 to 1/4 of actual number of rapes estimated 20 rapes a year, involving 2 to 15 individuals estimated population of Dijon in 14th , = 10,000 in 90 of the 125 cases, 400 men involved (average of 4.4 men per case) the men come from all levels, but mostly the lower social rankings women ranged from 15 to 30 60% unmarried almost all were servant girls, textile workers, or daughters of laborers many of them show up later on city's official list of prostitutes 2/3 of prostitutes are from dijon 27% of prostitutes had been raped earlier in life 1/4 of the prostitutes put in prostitution by family 15% show no sign of compulsion to work as prostitutes prior to the mid 14th c., prostitutes but not prostitution - informal 1350-1450, city governments in France and Italy established, licensed, and municipally regulated brothels in Dijon, 75 out of 83 known businesses were run by women ...
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HIS 4a Lecture 23 Medieval Sexuality- A How-to-Guide -...

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