HIS 4a Lecture 12 Islam

HIS 4a Lecture 12 Islam - charity pilgrimage the expansion...

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10-22 Islam • from the Arabic root “surrender,” “submission” • Muhammad the prophet dies 632 • the Quran • Sura (verses or recitations) • the key difference • between Islam and Christianity • Jesus = Quran • 5 Pillars of Islam • admission that there is only one God • prayer (as much as 5 times a day) • fasting (especially during Ramadan)
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Unformatted text preview: charity pilgrimage the expansion of Islam muslims conquer/expand the Rightly Guided Ones the 1st 4 caliphs of Muhammad Abu Bakr (632-634) (father-in-law & kingsman) Umar (634-644) Uthman (644-655) Ali (656-658) Sunnis vs Shiites Sunnis are poor people...
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