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10-1 Mediterranean Lite The people around the Mediterranean were oriented to their shorelines more than to their hinterland. more in common with people around the shore The earliest enclaves were in ports, not inland Atlantic water flow through straits in a counter-clockwise direction reefs and sandbanks along the coast of North Africa navigation along southern shore moves with current from west to east. galley (row boat ) was popular convenient, easier, popular, perfect with hands Limitations of galleys lacked windward capability inefficient ratio of crew to cargo frequent re-provisioning have to stop at ports frequently transportation overland is more dangerous/expensive oversea requires no maintenance whereas roads do
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Unformatted text preview: Consequences more commonality along coastlines necessity of maintaining access to ports on opposite shore encouraged expansion creation of maritime communities united by navigational networks. control of Greece coastlines is important because its the halfway point between east trade and west trade Marseilles to Barcelona was a main hotspot for trade from the year 711 to 1492 most of Spain under Muslim rule 1492 2004 when Jews and Muslims kicked out of Spain, no mosques Rome used economic domination to overtake the Italian peninsula the only time in history of the Mediterranean when it was politically united was during the Roman Empire...
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