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HIS 4a Lecture 5 Roman Slavery

HIS 4a Lecture 5 Roman Slavery - 10-10 Roman Slavery...

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Unformatted text preview: 10-10 Roman Slavery depended on expansion war captives Roman slavery began to decline when the empire ceased to expand not racialized slavery 3 Phases of Slavery in the West all vulnerable to enslavement all but members of slave-owning groups only one group may be legitimately enslaved Human Chattel: a human that is property of another slaves could be found everywhere in Roman society sexual service of slaves common Peculium: the property a slave may be allowed to possess, accumulate, invest and spend, but subject to master's control Emancipation: to free from restraint, control, or the power of another; to release from paternal care & make sui juris not used to mean freeing of slaves primarily happens to men Manumission: formal release from slavery Roman law states that the condition of the child follows that of the mother Main use of majority of slaves Latifundium, Latifundia: large ag plantations that relied on a mix of slave & free labor Spartacus Revolt 71-73 BCE gladiator schools for slaves ...
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