HIS 4a Lecture 19 The Barbarians are Coming!

HIS 4a Lecture 19 The Barbarians are Coming! - • Attila...

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10-15 The Barbarians are Coming! come from Greek word “varvaros” hard to categorize them into specific groups of people necessary for the Roman empire to flourish filled their ranks Romans had alliances and federations with barbarians Huns began to press on the European border, slightly above the Balkan area Huns want land bout 300 to 400 no hard and fast divisions between people
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Unformatted text preview: • Attila lived within Rome for many years • very educated • leader of the Huns • Huns fell apart when he died • England island is made into an a country • artificial • Scots really don’t like the English, who they are group with • not much in common from one end of Great Britain to another • politically forced • distinctions between peoples are artificial...
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