HIS 4a Lecture 9 Monasticism

HIS 4a Lecture 9 Monasticism - • major reform in the...

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10-29 Monasticism • 2 kinds of Clergy • Secular clergy • priests, bishops, pope • Regular Clergy (from regula, “rule”) • clergy who follow a rule • monastic • not necessarily ordained priests • monks who have taken holy vows • Monastery, Monk • from greek, “monos,” alone, solitary • desert fathers: • St Anthony • St Pacomius • 3rd and 4th century • Benedict of Nursia (480-543) • founder of Benedictine Order • The Rule of Saint Benedict • 2 Developments in Monasticism 650-1000 • vast expansion in number and wealth • passing of monasteries to lay control • more lords and kings are trying to exercise power over the monasteries • a portion of the church resists this
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Unformatted text preview: • major reform in the church • Cluny • founded in the 10th c. • really big • important library, manuscripts • 3 goals • want to stop the investiture of bishops by layman • prevent lay-rulers from giving symbols of authority to church bishops by way of maintain autonomy • want to end clerical marriage • priest who had wives sometimes passed on the rights to officiate their churches to their sons • question of discipline, but not doctrine • when unmarried, no divided loyalty, keeps control over your personnel, keeps focus on the church • want to stop simony (the sale of ecclesiastic offices)...
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HIS 4a Lecture 9 Monasticism - • major reform in the...

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