HIS 4a Lecture 20 The 100 Years War- Dynasty as Politics

HIS 4a Lecture 20 The 100 Years War- Dynasty as Politics -...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-26 The 100 Years War: Dynasty as Politics frames the nationalistic consciousness of the people in europe The French context government near bankruptcy property confiscations; forced loans Jews took all their stuff, them kicked them out moneylenders often because they could not possess any other job nobility 1-2% of population, still military in outlook lesser nobility diminished in wealth The English Context famine and unemployment ing greatly in debt to Italian and Flemish banks English possessions n southwest France under pressure from French King king must get consent from Commons for additional taxes In 1328 Philip of Valois becomes king of France his claim equal to Isabela, mother of English King, Edward III Philip VI took over large portions of Gascony Edward III declared him self king of France in 1337 war begins over land claims Battle of Crecy 1346 longbow decisive Battle of Poitiers 1356 longbow again decisive the years between the two wars were the most brutal there were armies that were looking for something to do wandering and marauding more murder and mayhem then during the war Agincourt 1415 English Army: 6,000 men (900 mounted; 5,000 archers) French army: 10,000 infantry; 6,600 cavalry; 4,000 crossbowmen battle lasted one hour 600 French Nobles killed 1,000 French soldiers captured 6,000 French dead English losses: 300 men Henry V ordered massacre of all captured French Joan of Arc (d. 1431) ended in 1453 ...
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HIS 4a Lecture 20 The 100 Years War- Dynasty as Politics -...

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