HIS 4a Lecture 10 The Stem of Nobility

HIS 4a Lecture 10 The Stem of Nobility - Marquis Comte...

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10-26 The Stem of Nobility • formation of the nobility • Prior to 1000 BCE, nobility loosely organized • small segment of population • not a legally defined group with rights • entrance into group relatively easy • from he 9th c. on, Nobles shared 3 Characteristics • wealth • land • power • descent from a distinguished family • claimed, but not proven • In Frankish period • kings relied on counts • counts were lords of counties • in charge of estates • collection of revenue • control militia • exercised judicial, military and administratives powers in their counties on behalf of king • hereditary by 1000 BCE • Further differentiation in ranks in late 9th, early 10th c • Viscounts • vice-count • Dukes • leader of army • 2nd to king • French titles • Duc
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Unformatted text preview: Marquis Comte Vicomte English titles Duke Marquis Earl Viscount Barron Noble as Warrior before Carolingian period, most fighting was on foot all free men expected to fight only in 9th c., mounted combat became privilege of nobility training and equipment for mounted combat very expensive only wealthy nobles had resources to equip troop Knights and Nobles began to merge in 12th c. Knights at first, distinct from nobles socially stratified fought on horseback chief function was warfare mounted combat becomes possible when improvements in horse-breeding improved metallurgy for swords so they didnt break horseshoes armor spread of the stirrup...
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HIS 4a Lecture 10 The Stem of Nobility - Marquis Comte...

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