HIS 121c Lecture 3 Crusades

HIS 121c Lecture 3 Crusades - 1-29 Crusades different...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-29 Crusades different muslim principalities finally join forces under Saladin (leader of Egypt) lured into a trap and decimated the crusading army that was in Jerusalem chaos both Muslim and Christian impact of fall of Jerusalem on western europe enormous devastating very few eye-witnesses in Europe, very little criticism always perceived as a positive experience overtime, b/c there is virtually no record of criticism on them it criticizes lac of missionary and conversion tactics added an edge between Christians and Muslims Innocent III 1st pope to launch a crusade against heretics 20-30 year war armies cam to southwestern France and northeastern Spain to wipe out heretics allowed people to wear the red crosses "cross bearers" powerful term used by the pope in terms of promoting violence to achieve wtvr people still mad 4th Crusade breeched Constantinople to re-instal a kid as king (only to get rid of him) looted everything most of it is now in Italy ...
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