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comm notes chapter 12

comm notes chapter 12 - Effects of the Media Some questions...

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Effects of the Media Some questions that can be asked are: does the media brainwash a defenseless public? Can the media instill values? The public is divided into two sectors: those that accept the media messages at face value and unconsciously let the media tell them what to do. They believe what is called the powerful effects model. The other group interrupts media messages according to their preexisting beliefs and values and uses these messages in unique ways. They believe in the limited effects model. There has been much debate between these two stances in the last 50 years. Early theories believed in a very passive audience and considered the media influence to be a magic bullet or a hypodermic needle that could inject the listener without their knowledge. In the 50’s and 60’s researchers found audiences to be more stubborn to the influence of media than before. They came up with the obstinate audience theory
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