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genocide research paper

genocide research paper - Karen Walker ENGL 1013 28...

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Karen Walker ENGL 1013 28 November 2006 Genocide: A Global Issue The twentieth century has been one of the most productive and innovative of all time, yet it has also been one of the bloodiest. One question that must be asked is what will the twentieth century be remembered for? Progress? Genius? Or genocide? Unfortunately, if the answer is the latter, one conclusion remains: there is something seriously wrong with society and influential governing bodies around the world. If anyone disagrees, let him or her look at Armenia, the Soviet Union, the Holocaust, Indonesia, East Timor, Bangladesh, Burundi, Cambodia, Rwanda, and most recently, Sudan as examples of frequent crimes against humanity in the 20 th century that have been carried over to the 21 st . Ronnie Dugger, author of “To Prevent or Stop Mass Murder” agrees, that, “We have failed to make enough use, in discourse, social policy, and social action, of the fact that the mass murder of noncombatants is potentially the most galvanizing ethical wrong of human life (61).” His belief is that individual nations should not expect much help from the UN in the future, and that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should ban together in a coalition to fight genocide in the future. In addition, Saul Mendlovitz and John Fousek, authors of “The Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,” rally for the “creation of a standing police force to deal exclusively with the crime of genocide (137).” William Schabas, acknowledges the complicated issues surrounding Genocide and offers a resolution that rests in the
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hands of a single monitoring body that would oversee all possible cases of genocide. As evident through the testimonies of these authors, the inaction of the global community is deplorable and the system needs to be altered drastically. Specifically, a genocide council needs to be created that will oversee possible occurrences of genocide and prosecute those who are responsible for crimes against humanity so that when the word says “Never Again” it will be the truth. There is no doubt that genocide is a serious issue, which not only ravages the lives of those directly affected, but also those who experience it through other forms, such as the media and word of mouth. The problem lies in the killing itself, and also the defunct use of the United Nations as a governing body that “represents” and “aids” people afflicted by genocide. In fact, “The UN did nothing when the murderous Khmer Rouge began piling up more than a million corpses in the killing fields of Cambodia in the mid 1970’s.
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genocide research paper - Karen Walker ENGL 1013 28...

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