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reading asignment 7

reading asignment 7 - weight basis but water intake can...

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Dr. Emmert POSC 1023 17 October 2006 2353 Section VII Reading Assignment 1. Water is the most important of all nutrients because it serves as a medium in which nutrients are transported, wastes eliminated and body temperature maintained. It amounts for 66% of eggs and 68% of chickens. 2. Water can supply mineral contents such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and sulphur. 3. It is preferable to add medication to water because it ensures fast and easy medication and also ensures adequate consumption of a drug. Most sick birds will usually stop eating so if the medicine is in the water the birds will be able to ingest it. 4. The problem that can be caused with the use of chlorine is the fact that it can kill a variety of vaccine viruses. To minimize or stop the effect of the chlorine killing the vaccine powdered milk can be added to the water. This will free the chlorine and stop the vaccine from being harmed. 5. Several dietary factors can affect water intake and one is amount of feed consumed on
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Unformatted text preview: weight basis, but water intake can vary greatly between birds. Other factors include the energy density of the diet, the type of protein used in the feed, and the amount of fiber. 1. Birds grow fast without hormones because of a more efficient feed conversion and lower mortality rate. 2. Havenstein and coworkers concluded from the study that the modern poultry industry makes mass amounts of high quality protein. The effects of rapid growth can be attributed to industry and university personal. To maintain this efficiency more people must work even harder in the years to come. Hard work, scientific information, record keeping, and communication have aided the industry in producing high quality and efficient products. 3. In the last 15-20 years several changes have been made including allowing the birds to have 23 hours of light and more feed intake. Growers also need to maintain an ideal growing environment to ensure rapid growth rate and health....
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